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"Music Production by Musicians"

In 2019, two successful freelancing jazz musicians and educators decided to combine their resources and over 10 years of expertise to create one of the leading jazz entertainment companies. Saxophonist Abel Mireles and trombonist Peter Lin formed Yardbird Entertainment to help bridge the gap between the new jazz audience and the young professional artists. Through performance, education, and opportunities, we hope to cultivate a modern world that respects and honors jazz culture. 


Some key aspects of Yardbird Entertainment:

  • We are a BIPOC, local, small business​.

  • We promote the idea of jazz being a diverse community.

  • We cultivate young professionals by creating new performance opportunities.

  • We have performed at over 100 successful events including private parties, corporations (Barclays, Trivia HQ, etc.), and weddings.

We hope you can join us in our journey. 

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